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Combined sewerage drains

Before starting your development it's important to check if the land is serviced by a combined drain.

What is a combined drain?

A combined sewerage drain is a privately owned sewerage pipe that collects sewage from multiple properties.  The sewage collected from each property is then disposed to Yarra Valley Water's sewer main via a single connection. 

Combined drains are the responsibility of multiple property owners.

What does it mean for my development?

Multi lot developments

  • An existing combined drain cannot be used for servicing new lots.
  • In some cases, an extension of Yarra Valley Water's sewerage infrastructure may be required to enable the connection of a sewer branch.
  • If you are considering developing on a combined drain you can get free servicing advice in order to make informed decisions.

Single lot developments

  • An existing combined drain may be used where demolishing and rebuilding a structure without any additional land development.
  • An existing combined drain may be used where extending or renovating an existing structure. 

Is my land serviced by a combined drain?

There are two ways to determine if your land is serviced by a combined drain:

  1. Purchase a property sewerage plan (PSP).  A PSP outlines the location of private sewer pipes that connect to a Yarra Valley Water sewer main.
  2. Purchase a property asset plan.  These plans show Yarra Valley Water infrastructure (water and sewer assets) that are on or near a property.  

Purchase plans online 


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