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Building over an easement

Section 148 of the Water Act 1989 states that a property owner requires consent from Yarra Valley Water before building a structure or placing soil, rock or other matter over land within one metre of Yarra Valley Water sewer or water infrastructure (such as a sewer pipe, maintenance hole, sewerage branch or another access point) or within an easement.

A ‘structure’ includes, but is not limited to:

  • garden sheds
  • water tanks
  • barbecues
  • pergolas
  • cubby houses
  • fences (not including paling fences)
  • garages, carports
  • home extensions
  • houses, units
  • granny flats
  • landscaping.

Before you start

  1. Find out where our infrastructure is within your property by purchasing a plan of your property. Find out how to purchase a property asset plan.
  2. Consider Yarra Valley Water’s (YVW) responsibility of the sewer connection point. YVW and property owner responsibilities for the connection point are outlined here.  

  3. If you are planning on undertaking any work on your property it is important that you ensure your design plans are compliant with our guidelines. If your plans don’t comply, you may be required to undertake remedial works or change your plans and reapply. This will incur additional costs.

Download our guidelines (PDF 3.71 MB)

There have been recent changes to guidelines for small sheds, rainwater tanks and retaining walls.

View changes to guidelines (PDF465KB)

Apply for approval

Before you start work, you need to get your plans approved by Yarra Valley Water. To do this, submit a Build Over Easement application online. You will need to include a full set of site plans, including elevation plans and structural plans if applicable, with your application.

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