Yarra Valley Water


Mandated recycled water areas

The Victorian Government’s Central Region Sustainable Water Strategy stipulates that water authorities must mandate dual pipe systems in a number of areas to balance supply and demand. 

Yarra Valley Water has mandated recycled water in the following areas: 

  • Aurora Estate and Epping North East (north of Harvest Home Road) 
  • Wollert
  • Craigieburn West
  • Croydon/Lilydale (Quarry development)
  • Beveridge/Wallan
  • Kalkallo
  • Greenvale
  • Doncaster Hill 

If you are developing in these areas, you will be required to provide recycled water to your development. 

Recycled water is treated and delivered to customers through the third (purple) pipe system, and installation requires specific plumbing and building practices. 

Customers are able to use recycled water for flushing toilets, clothes washing, watering gardens, washing cars and saves about one third less water than where suburbs rely on drinking water only. In addition, recycled water can be freely used for watering gardens so new communities can enjoy green open spaces. 

Visit the Plumbers page for Conditions of Connection.

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