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New Customer Contributions

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) sets the standard rates for New Customer Contribution (NCC) charges. Yarra Valley Water uses these NCCs to provide the shared water, recycled water and sewerage services required to service urban growth.

The contributions for potable water, recycled water and sewerage supplies are determined  on the area of development. Areas can be determined on Yarra Valley Water's Asset Map.

Yarra Valley Water:

  • Applies a scheduled charge on any connection of a new customer that is separately titled or is, or can be, individually metered, or
  • Calculates the financing cost of providing assets for a development when the assets are required ahead of when programmed by Yarra Valley Water.
  • Can apply a scheduled charge on any developments requiring an upsize to the existing water service for water use.

Developers may be charged for up to three services – water, recycled water and sewerage. All developments within Yarra Valley Water's licensed area are subject to NCC charges.

Region Service 2022-23 prices


2023-24 prices


Standard Water $775.08 $870.97
  Sewer $775.08 $870.97
  Recycled water $775.08 $870.97
New Urban Growth Area Water $2,776.35 $3,053.98
  Sewer $2,776.35 $3,053.98
  Recycled water $775.08 $852.58
Greenvale/Mickleham Water $2,452.99 $2,452.99
  Sewer $2,452.99 $2,452.99
  Recycled water $775.08 $870.97
Epping North Water $1,131.39 $1,131.39
  Sewer $1,131.39 $1,131.39
  Recycled water $775.08 $870.97