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Accredited live sewer contractors

Developers or property owners may engage accredited contractors from the list below to undertake live sewer works.

Only accredited contractors are permitted to undertake these works within Yarra Valley Water’s area.

View Accredited Live Sewer Contractors List (PDF 305KB)

Live Sewer Categories of Work covered by this Accreditation Scheme

SC7 - Any Live Sewer Works

SC8 plus SC9 plus construction of major live sewer works including: 

  • Connection of gravity sewer pipelines ≤DN300 to an existing live gravity sewerage system.
  • Modification to an existing live gravity sewerage system such as realigning a pipeline. 

SC8 - Live Sewer Works: Property Service Connections

Construction of gravity sewerage Property Service Connection including installation of property service branches to: 

  • An existing live sewer gravity system is ≤DN 300. 
  • Installation of property service branch(s) into an existing live gravity sewer maintenance structure which is connected to sewers ≤DN 300. 
  • Repair and or modification of existing property service branch(s). 

SC9 - Live Sewer Works: Minor Works (M/H's Short Extensions)

SC8 plus construction of short reticulation sewers and maintenance structures under live sewer conditions including: 

  • Installation and connection of short gravity sewer systems ≤25m in length and ≤DN300. 
  • Installation of new maintenance structures on existing live gravity sewer systems ≤DN300. 
  • Repair or modification of existing maintenance structure(s) on an existing live gravity sewer system ≤DN300 (i.e. changes to M/H cover levels). 

SC10 – Live Sewer Non-Entry Works

  • Sewer maintenance structure inspections
  • CCTV Inspections
  • No construction works can be undertaken and/or supervised via the SC10 category. 

Please note:

The above provides a brief description of different categories of Live Sewer Works, its scope and any prerequisite required for entry into different categories covered by this registration scheme.

Please note that non-commissioned sewers and associated structures may still be considered as confined spaces under the definition of the Victoria WorkSafe Code of Practice for Confined Spaces. Competent Personnel must undertake a site/task specific job safety analysis or the use of a Confined Space Entry permit prior to any entry.

Use of Subcontractors

Contractors shall ensure that their subcontractors are registered in the appropriate category for the subcontracted Live Sewer part of the project.

Contractors entering into a subcontract with a subcontractor for which there is no registration category are responsible for the competence of that subcontractor and must therefore satisfy themselves that the subcontractor has appropriate qualifications, expertise and experience.