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Cornish Hill Reservoir Power Upgrade project

Yarra Valley Water has upgraded the power supply to our Cornish Hill Reservoir, Healesville. This work supports our long-term plans to construct a permanent pump station at the site to ensure the reliability of our water supply to our customers.

To ensure we continue to supply safe drinking water to our customers, Yarra Valley Water has upgraded the power supply at the Cornish Hill Reservoir, Healesville.

This upgrade from single phase to three phase mains power means we can stop using generators at this site, and we can progress plans to construct a permanent pump station. This upgrade supports our ongoing, long-term plans to upgrade facilities at the reservoir.

Our contractor, CEI Services Pty Ltd, completed works in August 2020. There were no interruptions to your water supply while this work was completed.

Update - this work was completed in August 2020. 

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For more information, please contact Ed Zaid, Project Manager on 9872 1656 or by email [email protected]


Works completed - replacement of water storage tank 

Throughout Yarra Valley Water’s service district, drinking water is stored in reservoirs located on hills and other high points, and then flows through pipes by gravity to supply nearby customers.

The water storage tank located on the top of the hill on Mt Riddell Road is known as the Cornish Hill Reservoir, and it has been supplying customers in the area since 1964. The Cornish Hill Reservoir is a vital piece of water infrastructure. Due to its age, in 2017 the time had come for the tank to be replaced.

Map of Cornish Hill water tank upgrade project works area
The red line shows where a new water pipe was built


Replacing the tank

Between late 2017 and mid-2019, our contractors AHA Constructions and Brockman Engineering completed the following works:

  • Constructing a new 230-metre-long section of water pipe in Mount Riddell Road
  • Constructing a new 2.5-million-litre tank in the same location as the previous tank
  • Various site activities to finish off the tank including electrical works and signage.


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