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Greenvale Sewer Flow Monitoring Trial

Yarra Valley Water participated in a trial, in our Greenvale area, to tackle the problem of rainwater entering our sewer pipes.

Project details

Sometimes during heavy storms, rainwater can find its way into our sewer pipes, increasing the flow significantly. When flows become too big, there is a risk of sewage spilling into the environment.

In 2016, as part of an industry-wide trial, we engaged Ventia to install Overflow Relief Caps (ORCs) to sewer overflow gullies at 450 private properties in Greenvale. These small plastic devices were fitted to create a seal against rainwater entering our sewer pipes during heavy storms. The trial was completed in July 2017.


While our trial was unable to provide conclusive results, trials undertaken by other water authorities demonstrated a reduction in infiltration - particularly in low-lying areas.

We will continue to monitor the results of any further trials and/or product developments.

Greenvale Sewer Flow Monitoring Trial Factsheet


More information

For more information about this trial, please contact Robert Fittock, Sewer Growth Planning Manager on 9872 1237 or email [email protected]

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