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Kalinda Road Sewer Project

We’ve built a 113-metre-long section of sewer pipe along Kalinda Road, Ringwood. This project has improved the reliability of the sewerage system, reducing the likelihood of sewage spilling into the environment during heavy rain events.

Construction details

We built a short section of new sewer pipe along the nature strip on the west side of Kalinda Road, Ringwood, ending in the north-west turning lane of the roundabout (Plymouth Road turning left into Bemboka Road).

We also built three shaft sites along the pipe alignment - one at each end, and another at a major curve of the pipe.

We built the pipes using trenchless technology, not an open trench, to reduce environmental impacts and keep roads open to traffic as much as possible.

We've also created property connection points for three large existing properties along the pipe alignment that will be developed in the future so that the sewer connection point will be ready, and the sewer will have sufficient capacity to cater for the extra flows.

Our contractor MFJ Constructions built the new sewer.

Timing of works

Construction commenced on 6 October 2021 and was completed in late November 2021.

Community impact

The project works were undertaken near Yarra Valley Grammar School. We worked  with the school to coordinate the works to ensure the least amount of disruption to school pick-ups and drop-offs. Traffic management was also used.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about the project, please contact Ben Trainor, Project Manager on 1300 853 811.

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