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Financial support to help you if holiday spending has taken its toll

Did you know that our WaterCare program has a range of assistance options to help you manage your Yarra Valley Water bills?

8 January 2016

We know that many factors can affect someone’s ability to pay their bills and that the water bill isn’t the only one that needs to be budgeted for. Our WaterCare program provides options that aim to meet your individual needs no matter what your circumstances are.

We have developed budgeting tools and assistance options, together with payment plans tailored to a range of needs which enable us to provide assistance to our entire customer base. If you are experiencing difficulties paying your bill, or even if you know that you will not be able to make a payment, please speak to us. The earlier you engage us, the earlier we can provide alternative support.

Ways we can support you

To help you pay your water bills, we have a range of assistance options available that you may be eligible for, including:

  • Smoothpay - pay your bill in fortnightly or monthly instalments
  • Budgeting tools and assistance options
  • Short term payment extensions
  • Affordable payment arrangements based on your unique circumstances 
  • Government assistance, including Utility Relief Grant Scheme
  • Pensions and concessions 
  • Financial counselling.

Contact us to discuss how we can tailor an option to suit your unique circumstance. 

If you are eligible for customer support programs, our team will ensure you:

  • Are treated with dignity and respect and complete confidentiality 
  • Have direct contact within our Customer Support Team who will work with you for as long as support is required 
  • Are shielded from further debt recovery action in relation to your water and sewerage bill.

As well as our programs we also work with customers to refer them to community sector agencies or financial counsellors that can provide a holistic service, assisting people to learn how to manage their money and budget effectively. 

To find out more about the assistance available, customers can contact our dedicated WaterCare team on 1800 994 789.