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Working together to keep our green spaces watered and healthy

How do we foster healthy green spaces – and the communities that rely on them – while being mindful of the large amounts of water they consume?

That was the topic at hand at this week’s Greening Communities with Smarter Irrigation seminar. The session brought together open space managers, groundskeepers and environmental planners from across Greater Melbourne to foster partnerships and share their expertise.

Under the event theme of achieving best practice irrigation of green space with alternative water sources, industry experts hosted workshops to present the latest research and best practice to support transitions to alternative water sources like stormwater and recycled water.

Yarra Valley Water, Greater Western Water (GWW) and South East Water co-hosted the event in partnership with the Melbourne Regional Committee for Irrigation Australia Limited (IAL).

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The Hon. Harriet Shing, Minister for Water, opened the event and championed its alignment with the Victorian Government’s Integrated Water Management Program.

She said that the program, like the seminar, brought the water sector together to help government and the community better plan, manage and deliver water in our towns and cities.

“With the challenges of climate change and increasing demands for water from our growing population, it is vital to improve the way we manage water in our urban communities,” she said.

“When we irrigate with diverse water sources like stormwater, rainwater and fit-for-purpose recycled water, we play our part in ensuring water security for generations to come.

"Successful partnerships between the water sector, communities and local councils show how effective, and sustainable, water management is also improving liveability."

The Hon. Harriet Shing, Minister for Water speaking at the event

Speaking on behalf of the water corporations, GWW’s General Manager Customer Experience Rohan Charrett said those at the seminar played a crucial role in helping their communities to thrive.

“By maintaining sport and recreation spaces, and greening and cooling our region, they’re helping to make Melbourne a great place to live,” he said.

“And while these spaces are vital for community health, they requires large volumes of water. So partnerships like this, and identifying the best ways to manage water together, including irrigation efficiency, are important steps towards water security.”