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Over 175,000 tonnes of food waste diverted from landfill thanks to Yarra Valley Water innovation

Yarra Valley Water’s food waste to energy facility has processed over 175,000 tonnes of commercial waste otherwise destined for landfill.

This milestone for the Wollert facility, which was Victoria’s first food waste to energy plant, comes as Yarra Valley Water has started construction on its second, larger facility in Lilydale. 

Commercial food waste producers, such as markets or food manufacturers, deliver 33,000 tonnes of food waste to the Wollert facility each year. 

Yarra Valley Water’s Managing Director, Pat McCafferty, said innovative food waste to energy facilities divert waste from landfill to create clean, green electricity. 

“Food waste to energy facilities not only offer a commercially viable alternative for commercial companies to dispose of organic waste, but they also produce renewable energy. 

“Our ReWaste facility can generate around 22,000 kilowatt hours of green electricity a day, enough to power itself, our neighbouring sewage treatment plant and provide excess energy to the grid,” said Mr McCafferty. 

Yarra Valley Water’s investment in food waste to energy facilities will help it reach its emissions reduction target a decade early, becoming net zero and using 100% renewable electricity by mid-2025.

“By generating our own renewable energy, we can meet our emissions targets and keep pressure off customer bills,” Mr McCafferty said. 

ReWaste manages waste supply to the Wollert facility, with waste deliveries accepted from approved suppliers from Monday to Friday.

Businesses can find out more information about becoming a business partner and supplying waste to ReWaste at www.rewaste.com.au or contact [email protected] to discuss the new Lilydale food waste to energy facility.


Notes to editors: It would take almost 590,000 people to create the equivalent amount food waste processed at the ReWaste facility, and the weight is equivalent to more than 29,000 African Elephants.

  • The average figure for food waste per person in Australia is approximately 298 kilograms per year according to the Australian government's National Food Waste Strategy.
  • An average male African Elephant weighs 6 tonnes.


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