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Yarra Valley Water offers free water-themed incursions to schools

Yarra Valley Water is offering free, water-themed incursions to local primary schools. Water Watchers is a fun, educational program to help kids learn about the importance of saving water, and since its inception has reached more than 15,500 students across Melbourne.

Students from Prep to Year 6 participate in a range of activities and games, designed to build their water saving knowledge.

Kids holding certificates with one arm in the air.

The program, which is linked to the Victorian curriculum, involves visits from four Water Watchers, a squad of intergalactic water crusaders who have been forced to flee their own planet after it was depleted of water.

The Water Watchers - Welly, Wavy, Washy and Wade - are on a mission to encourage children and adults to be responsible about their water usage.

Laura Martin, teacher from Diamond Creek Primary School said the program is a really fun way to teach kids about water conservation.  

“It’s been a huge success and the sessions are very engaging. The children love the Water Watchers characters and the entertaining ‘missions’ to save water. The younger ones are getting good at reminding us not to waste water!”  

Every student who attends an incursion gets their very own Water Watcher to take home. The environmentally friendly toy sits on taps around the home, and act as a visual prompt to reduce water use.

Children holding certificates and smiling.

“We're excited to see our students become lifelong advocates for sustainable water practices and we’ll definitely book this program again in the future,” said Ms Martin.

The program is available to all primary schools in Yarra Valley Water’s service area.

With climate change and population growth putting pressure on our water supplies, Managing Director Pat McCafferty said it’s important to teach kids good water habits that will last a lifetime.

“Kids soak up information at an incredible rate and there are lots of simple things we can do to get young Victorians engaged and thinking about water conservation,” he said.

“The program is about making water saving a positive and fun experience for families and we hope that what the kids learn at school they bring home with them,” Mr McCafferty said. “I encourage all schools that have not already joined the program to get on board.”

Kids sitting with arms in the air looking very excited


To book an incursion or find out more about the program, visit https://www.yvw.com.au/water-watchers-education