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Yarra Valley Water named top ranking water company on Financial Times Climate Leaders List 2023

Photo shows Silvan Dam with blue water in the centre surrounded by green trees.

Yarra Valley Water has been named the top-ranking water company on the prestigious Financial Times Climate Leaders list for 2023. The list, compiled by the Financial Times and Statista, showcases the most influential companies in the Asia-Pacific region that are leading the way in climate action and sustainability.

Managing Director Pat McCafferty said it was an honour to be recognised as the top-ranking water company in the Asia Pacific.

Climate change is one of the most critical challenges of our time, and it demands our immediate attention and combined efforts.”

“As a water utility, we understand the vital role we play in mitigating its impact. We’re proud to be among the select group of companies that are leading the way in the Asia-Pacific region, creating meaningful change for a better future," Mr McCafferty said.

Ranked alongside prominent brands such as Harvey Norman, Sony, Toyota, and Samsung, Yarra Valley Water has emerged as the leading water company on the Climate Leaders list.

“Being named a Climate Leader highlights our commitment to delivering sustainable water services and looking after the natural environment for future generations,” said Mr McCafferty.

Yarra Valley Water ranked in the top 25 out of only 45 Australian companies to make it to the list, affirming its commitment to environmental stewardship and driving positive change within the industry.

As part of its commitment, Yarra Valley Water aligns its initiatives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a global framework for sustainable development where Yarra Valley Water was one of the first water utilities in the world to commit to.

“One of the key aspects of the list is transparency. It’s important to track how we’re progressing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to remain accountable on the promises we make to demonstrate that our commitment is more than just words,” Mr McCafferty said.

As a leading water utility, Yarra Valley Water has implemented several initiatives to minimise its carbon footprint, enhance energy efficiency, and promote sustainable practices across its operations.

“We’ve made significant progress towards our goal of becoming net zero in 2025 through solar arrays that generate energy for our treatment plants and head office, our food waste to energy facility (the largest of its kind in Australia), and a long-term power investment alongside other water utilities in the State of Victoria’s largest solar farms,” said Mr McCafferty.

Statista, the company who compiled the data, said Yarra Valley Water ‘clearly stood out’ and that its ‘continued dedication to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions intensity cannot be understated and should be recognised.’

“We’re proud to be amongst the top companies in the world at the forefront of sustainability and we will continue to play a leading role in addressing the challenges posed by climate change," Mr McCafferty said.

For more information, head to the Financial Times Climate Leaders list 2023 website.