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Build Over Easement guidelines update 2024

Our Build Over Easement (BOE) guidelines changed on 4 March 2024.

The updated BOE guidelines are called Customer Guide: Building Near Water Corporations Assets Version 2.2 – 2024. They provide more clarity when working near or over water corporation assets and easements.

Build Over Easement Applications submitted from 4 March 2024 must comply with these BOE guidelines.

View BOE guidelines 2024


Customer grace period

We recognise that some customers will have invested time and resources on plans to meet the previous BOE guidelines, but whose application will be submitted on or soon after 4 March 2024. For these customers, we’ll allow a grace period for applications with plans that meet the BOE guidelines dated 2014.

This grace period ends on 30 June 2024.

View previous BOE guidelines 2014

Frequently asked questions

When did the new guidelines take effect?

The new guidelines took effect on Monday, 4 March 2024. This means all applications submitted from 4 March 2024 must meet the new BOE guidelines dated 2024. 
These new guidelines apply to all Melbourne properties serviced by
South East Water, Greater Western Water and Yarra Valley Water.

Why did the guidelines change?

The previous Build Over Easement guidelines were reviewed in 2014. Since then, some requirements needed to be added or changed. With the latest review, we’ve made the requirements clearer to ensure sewer and water assets are protected from damage, and to allow field crews to work safely when undertaking works. The guidelines help you and future property owners, to avoid or minimise the cost and inconvenience of removing structures, and ensure the structure’s integrity when we need to do maintenance close by or in easements.  

We’ve also included requirements for building near or over new assets of ours such as pressure sewers

What’s changed in the new guidelines?

There’ve been many changes so it’s best to check the structures you’re planning against the relevant sections of the updated guidelines. 

Do I need to do anything to my application which was submitted prior to 4 March 2024?

If you submitted an application before 4 March 2024, we’ve assessed it against the 2014 BOE guidelines. You don’t need to do anything else to this application. Only applications submitted on or after 4 March 2024 are assessed against the new BOE guidelines dated 2023

I’ve been working on my plans for a long time now and having to adopt the new guidelines will delay my project. Can I apply the previous guidelines to my plans?

If your plans were designed using the previous guidelines, please let us know so that we can assess your application against the current guidelines. This grace period will be available until 30 June 2024. 

If I’ve received a building/planning permit from council before 4 March 2024, do I need to amend my plans?

Even if your plans have been approved by another authority like council, it’s essential that they also meet our guidelines for building over or near our water and sewerage assets. These guidelines aren’t taken into account by other authorities. You’ll need to ensure your plans meet our new guidelines and submit an application to us. 

If your plans were designed to the 2014 BOE guidelines, please let us know so that we can a
ssess your application against the 2014 BOE guidelines. This grace period will be available until 30 June 2024

What if I have further questions about the new guidelines?

If you have any questions about the new BOE guidelines, please email us at [email protected]