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Price Submission 2023-28 receives preliminary approval

Yarra Valley Water welcomes the Essential Services Commission’s (ESC) announcement that its price submission 2023-2028 has received preliminary approval, with a commitment to keep price changes lower than inflation in the first two years and then steady until June 2028.

Yarra Valley Water’s Managing Director, Pat McCafferty, said the Price Submission has been developed following deep engagement with customers who made recommendations on their priorities for the next five-year pricing period.

Our Citizen’s Jury approach has been an essential part of our price submission process, helping us to truly identify what customers value most in terms of their water supply and sewerage services,” Mr McCafferty said.

“Listening to our customers has been invaluable as we’ve developed our plans for services and investments over the next five years. We know rising costs are a concern for people. Our submission sets out plans to keep bills affordable and below inflation, which we’ve achieved since 2013. This keeps cost pressures off households and businesses, while still enabling us to develop essential services and infrastructure that will stand up to the future needs of a growing population and a warming climate,” he said.

Victorian water businesses are required to make a price submission to the Essential Services Commission every five years to outline proposed prices and key service outcomes for customers.

The price submission also outlines plans to reduce fixed water and sewage charges for the first two years and then remain stable for the remainder of the pricing period.

Yarra Valley Water has also evolved its customer commitments, which it will track performance against annually. These commitments are:

  • safe and pleasant drinking water
  • reliable water and sewerage services
  • timely response and repair
  • service that meets everyone’s needs
  • saving water for the future
  • looking after our natural environment.

Mr McCafferty encouraged customers and the broader community to find out more about the price submission and share their views ahead of the final determination, which is expected in May 2023.

“There’s still time for people to have their say on our proposal by getting involved in the public consultation through Engage Victoria. We’re looking forward to hearing from the Essential Services Commission in May and then putting our plans into action, delivering improvements for our customers, community and environment,” he said.

The Essential Services Commission welcomes further community feedback on Yarra Valley Water’s Price Submission 2023-28 at Engage Victoria.