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Yarra Valley Water announces long-term partnership with Jacobs and Beca/Stantec joint venture Ripple

Yarra Valley Water, Melbourne’s largest water corporation, is pleased to announce two Engineering Services Partnerships with Jacobs and the Beca/Stantec joint venture Ripple.

The strategic partnerships will leverage the industry-leading engineering innovation of the Jacobs, Beca and Stantec groups to deliver better efficiency, innovation and value for Yarra Valley Water customers, the community and the environment.

Yarra Valley Water Growth Futures General Manager Chris Brace said the agreements would commence with an initial five years term but had the capacity to be extended to up to a decade.

“We’re delighted to welcome Ripple (Beca/Stantec JV) to their new role at Yarra Valley Water and extend an ongoing welcome to the Jacobs team,” Mr Brace said.

“These agreements reflect our commitment to fostering deep relationships with our partners for the long-term benefit of our capital delivery ecosystem and ultimately our customers.”

Jacobs and Ripple will support Yarra Valley Water as it investigates, develops and delivers its capital program across water, sewer, treatment and non-drinking water services.

Mr Brace said the increased expertise generated by dual partnerships would ensure the smooth delivery of Yarra Valley Water’s significant upcoming capital works commitments.

“Our capital program is shaping up to be bigger than ever and having two engineering services partners bringing their expertise and unique perspectives will be highly valued.

“Their work will focus on the production of functional and detailed designs, but will also include elements of planning, permitting, construction advice, tendering, and asset management support,” he said.

Jacobs People and Places Solutions Senior Vice President and General manager Keith Lawson also welcomed the partnership.

“This appointment provides an excellent opportunity for Jacobs to continue our successful long-term partnership with Yarra Valley Water,” said Mr Lawson.

“We look forward to working closely with Yarra Valley Water and our services partner to deliver a capital works programme that achieves Yarra Valley Water’s vision. This will be enabled by leveraging our world-leading end-to-end water infrastructure capabilities and strategic advisory solutions to deliver an enduring positive legacy on the community and environment.”

Stantec’s Water Group Leader for Victoria and South Australia, Jane La Nauze added “We’re incredibly excited to enter into this new partnership and help Yarra Valley Water to deliver their related capital program.

“By viewing water as an integrated system, we’re ready to accelerate Yarra Valley Water’s path to a more sustainable, reliable and affordable water future,” she said.