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The VFL Women's and EFL Hope to Choose Tap on match day

11 April 2017 The AFL Women’s (AFLW) player Moana Hope, is named as the new Choose Tap ambassador for football.  Read More

Citizens Jury to help determine water services and pricing

31 March 2017 A Citizens Jury will assist Yarra Valley Water to shape future services and prices from 2018 to 2023. Read More

Support to help tackle family violence

31 March 2017 We've strengthened support available to customers and staff experiencing family violence. Read More.

Collaboration leads to fairer treatment for customers

31 March 2016 We've joined forces with the Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre (CUAC), to help build on 20 years of customer support. Read more.

Our long term commitment to Melbourne's liveability

22 March 2016 To understand the importance of water, you only need to look back to the ‘Millennium Drought’ that crippled Victoria between 1997 and 2009, which dramatically changed how Victorian government, business and residents now manage the state’s water supply. Read more.

Using recycled glass in infrastructure projects

21 March 2016 850,000 tonnes of glass waste is produced throughout Australia each year. Of that, Victoria alone generates 250,000 tonnes of glass waste. Read more.

Securing Melbourne’s water supply

7 March 2016 Melbourne’s metropolitan water authorities are preparing for the first delivery of water from the Victorian Desalination Plant following an announcement from the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water, the Hon. Lisa Neville. Read more.

Financial support to help you if holiday spending has taken its toll

8 January 2016 Did you know that our WaterCare program has a range of assistance options to help you manage your Yarra Valley Water bills? Read more.

Perfect time for a garden spring clean

20 November 2015 As the weather heats up Yarra Valley Water is encouraging customers to continue to be smart with their water use this spring. Read more.

Statement on recycled water incident

28 October 2015 Yarra Valley Water and Victorian Government agencies are taking action in response to an incident at a school in Craigieburn in which recycled water was connected to the drinking water supply. Read more.

Melburnians asked to stop flushing wet wipes

7 October 2015 In an issue that has galvanised the water sector, South East Water, City West Water and Yarra Valley Water have come together in an effort to inform the community of the real impact of wet wipes on Melbourne’s sewer infrastructure. Read more.

New look Boards to help Victoria meet future water challenges

29 September 2015 Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water, Lisa Neville today announced the new make-up of Victoria’s water corporation boards. Read more.

Wins expected for community with new spray lining innovation

6 June 2015 Lengthy traffic disruptions and road works due to water main renewals may become a thing of the past. Read more.

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