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No change to water bills in 2018/19

Yarra Valley Water is pleased to announce that it’s approved price submission provides for no change in bills between 2017/18 and 2018/19.

This is 1.9% below the inflation rate with annual adjustments for the following four years at 1% below the inflation rate.

Yarra Valley Water’s average bill is now $76 lower than in 2013/14, and $172 lower after allowing for inflation. This equates to an overall bill decrease compared to 2013/14 of 6.2%, 15.1% after allowing for inflation.

Pat McCafferty, Managing Director, Yarra Valley Water said we know that affordability of essential services is important for households and businesses.

"We are committed to delivering savings to take pressure off prices and pass these savings onto customers" said Mr McCafferty.

In an extensive consultation process over 24,000 customers were engaged about services and pricing.

"We sought to understand our customers lives and what they value; and concluded our engagement with our Citizens’ Jury, who deliberated the challenge of how to strike the balance between price and service which is fair for everyone.

"The Citizens Jury made recommendations, which are the foundation of our 5-year plan, and focus our business efforts to deliver greater value to our customers" added Mr McCafferty.

A copy of the final decision is available at