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Perfect time for a garden spring clean

As the weather heats up Yarra Valley Water is encouraging customers to continue to be smart with their water use this spring.

20 November 2015

Managing Director, Pat McCafferty, said that after a long Melbourne winter, this time of year is great for getting in the garden and spending more time outdoors, but customers still need to be mindful of their water usage. 

“Permanent Water Use Rules are in place, and have been since 2012 to help Melburnians keep up the good work, making water saving practices part of the responsible norm. The summer can be tough for gardens, and if spring is any indication it will be a hot one. The weather can dry out plants and grasses very quickly,” Mr McCafferty said.

“We all learned during the Millennium Drought just how precious water is and its contribution to the city’s liveability. Yarra Valley Water has developed some great online videos, which are easy to follow and provide great tips for getting the most out of your water” added Mr McCafferty. 

Smart gardening tips include:

  • Check the weather forecast and if it looks like rain, let Mother Nature do the job. 
  • You can also check if the garden needs watering by observing your plants and testing moisture levels by sticking your fingers into the soil or using a moisture meter. 
  • When watering your garden, do it as efficiently as you can. Water plants at the roots, not the foliage where water can be lost to evaporation. 
  • Don’t cut off burnt foliage in the heat as you expose the fresh leaves to the sun and heat.

Customers are reminded that as part of the Permanent Water Use Rules:

  • A hand held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle can be used to water gardens and lawns at any time, on any day. 
  • You can wash your windows, car, boat or other vehicle at home at any time using a hand held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle. A high pressure cleaning unit or bucket can also be used. 
  • Watering systems (manual, automatic, spray or dripper) can be used between 6pm - 10am, any day of the week.

Read the Permanent Water Rules.