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Street Art Trial

We are engaging local street artists to paint murals on some of our most visible assets, to reduce the likelihood of them being defaced with graffiti, and to improve the look and feel of our asset in the community.

Did you know?

Yarra Valley Water is the provider of water and sanitation services to 1.8 million Melburnians. To provide these services to our customers, we operate and maintain above-ground infrastructure throughout our district. Sadly, this infrastructure is often the target of graffiti vandalism, and each year we spend thousands of dollars painting over our defaced assets.

Trying something new

We’re trialling a different approach to repainting these assets, which involves having street artists paint murals onto assets that are targeted repeatedly. The murals are covered with a clear protective coating to ensure they last for a long time.

We believe that the murals will be respected by graffiti vandals, deterring them from defacing the murals, and will also provide the community with a unique and colourful piece of art that aligns with the feel of the neighbourhood.

Street art with a local flavour

Our street artists produce concept art for the mural based on Yarra Valley Water’s design brief. Artists are encouraged to incorporate their own creative personality, as well as that of the local community and Yarra Valley Water, and come up with concept art that adopts themes including wildlife, healthy lifestyle and nature.

We share the concept art with nearby residents and community stakeholders to get their feedback before painting of the mural begins.


Our Street Art Trial will involve painting murals at the following locations:

  • Grimshaw Street, Bundoora

    In late February 2017, We engaged a local street artist, Remedy Art, to paint a mural on the walls of our Water Pumping Station located at 354 Grimshaw Street, Bundoora.

    The mural is an homage to Mother Nature and a reminder of the significant role water plays in our day to day lives as we experience rapid population growth.

    Concept art for the Bundoora mural
    Concept art for the mural

    A protective coating has since been painted over the completed mural, to ensure it remains part of the local community for many years. 

    Before the mural was painted, residents living next to the Water Pumping Station site, as well as local community stakeholders, were asked to have their say about the artist's proposed concept art for the mural, and they provided overwhelmingly positive feedback.


    WPS in Grimshaw St, Bundoora
    The Water Pumping Station site before the mural.
    Bundoora site mural
    The Water Pumping Station site with the completed mural


  • Cheong Street, Ringwood East

    We’ve engaged a local community artist to paint a mural on the walls of our Water Pumping Station located in Cheong Street, Ringwood East.

    WPS site in Cheong St, Ringwood East

    Ringwood East site before the mural
    The Water Pumping Station site before the mural.

    In mid-February 2017, we asked residents living in Cheong Street and Ruthven Way, as well as local community stakeholders, to have their say about the artist’s concept design, and they provided overwhelmingly positive feedback.

    Painting is underway

    The mural painting has begun, and will be completed in 2018. Painting will occur during daylight hours.

    Painting at the Ringwood East site is underway
    Painting is underway at the Ringwood East site

    During the painting period, nearby residents may notice some increased activity at the site. Special care will be taken to ensure paint will not get beyond the work area. Road and footpath traffic will not be affected by these works.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about this trial, please contact the project manager, Luke Dickson, on 9872 1781 or email [email protected].