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Charles La Trobe College, Olympic Village Primary makes 250

Yarra Valley Water is pleased to announce that Olympic Village Primary School (a Campus of Charles La Trobe College) in Heidelberg is the 250th school to join the Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) in its region.

SWEP helps schools save water by installing a data logger on school water meters and rainwater tanks. Staff and students can then track water usage on a real-time basis. Students love the information as they can see how their actions can reduce water use. Excessive water use or changes in use can help identify broken pipes or faulty equipment, which can then be repaired.

Yarra Valley Water is donating a data logger to Olympic Village Primary School, which was presented to the school at assembly today.

Since 2012, 249 schools have together saved more than 1 billion litres of water and saved $3.84 million dollars in water bills in the Yarra Valley Water area alone, this includes 20 schools in Banyule.

Banyule Primary School installed data loggers in 2014 and not long after noticed excessive water use from their toilets. After investigating they found that rain water tanks were not feeding the toilets as someone had accidentally cut power to the rainwater tank pump.  By fixing the pump and repairing their toilets the school was soon saving thousands of litres of water.

Mill Park Secondary College has been using the technology since 2012. Soon after signing up the school noticed huge overnight water use at the school. It became apparent that the school was experiencing multiple leaks that added up to more than 520 litres per hour being wasted. Since 2012 the college has saved a total of 21 million litres of water and $50,000 in water bills.

“Over 20 schools in Banyule have saved more than 71 million litres of water and $300,000 in their bills since 2012.” 

“Water is a precious resource, especially in a country like Australia. It is important that our next generation understand how valuable water is and how to spot and stop leaks at school and home,” said Pat McCafferty, Managing Director, Yarra Valley Water.

“We are excited to see how the school community reacts to seeing water use in real time, we will be able to see how changes in how we use water can help conserve this precious resource.  We now have the opportunity to make a comparison of the water consumption in the current school building and in the new water efficient school building”, said Cresten Pearce, Principal-Olympic Village Primary School.

All Victorian schools are eligible to participate in SWEP.

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