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Clyde Street Sewer Project

To ensure the reliability of our sewerage network, we are constructing a new sewer main and maintenance holes in Surrey Hills. This new pipeline will allow us to re-route sewage away from the existing aged pipeline located within private properties.

The Clyde Street Sewer Project will be delivered in two stages:

  • Stage 1 - construct a new sewer main within Wharton and Clyde streets and under the pavement along Whitehorse Road, Surrey Hills.
  • Stage 2 - rehabilitate the existing sewerage pipeline within private properties.

As part of our Stage 1 works, we will construct four new maintenance holes, modify three existing ones and decommission two short sections of the existing sewer.

Subject to approvals, we expect to start construction in March 2021 and be completed by September 2021.

Our normal working hours are 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and 7am to 1pm, Saturday.

We need to complete Stage 1 before we can start work on Stage 2.


The map shows where we will be working in Surrey Hills.

View map of work location (PDF)

Stage 1 - Impacts and what to expect

To minimise the impact of our work on residents, our Project Partner, MFJ Constructions will excavate a launch and retrieval shaft and use trenchless technology to install the 375mm diameter pipes.

The launch shaft will be near the intersection of Clyde Street and Whitehorse Road. The retrieval shaft will be near the intersection of Wharton Street and Whitehorse Road. These shafts will be within the roadway for the duration of the project.

Subject to approval:

  • We will excavate a deep launch shaft near the intersection of Clyde Street and Whitehorse Road and a retrieval shaft near the intersection of Wharton Street and Whitehorse Road. These shafts will be within the roadway for the duration of the project
  • Our normal working hours are 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday and 7am to 1pm, Saturday
  • Clyde and Wharton streets will be closed to through traffic, with restricted access to private property and on-street parking. All other traffic will be diverted away from our construction area. The footpaths will remain open.

There will be heavy machinery, trucks and specialist equipment onsite, creating construction noise.

We don’t expect there to be any interruption to your services while we complete our work.

Project Updates

Contact us

For more information, contact Roger Kumarasinghe, Project Manager, on 9872 1528 or email [email protected]

July 2021 Update

Stage 1 Construction Completed

Thank you for your patience while we completed Stage 1 of the Clyde Street Sewer Project. 

After building the pipeline and maintenance holes, we completed a series of tests before commissioning the new sewer. It’s now operational and linked to our broader sewerage network.

Stage 2 work will require access to private property, and we’ve contacted residents who will be impacted by our work.

What we did

Using laser-guided micro-tunnelling equipment, we installed pipes in Clyde Street, Whitehorse Road and Wharton Street.

We built deep launch and retrieval shafts - and constructed new maintenance holes that will be used by our operations and maintenance teams.
Given the depth and size of the shafts, Clyde Street and Wharton Street were closed to traffic.

Construction started in mid-March and was completed by mid-July. Commissioning was completed in late July 2021.

There was no interruption to your water and sewerage services during our work.

Download this update (PDF, 499KB)

June 2021 Update

In March 2021, our project partner MFJ Construction started work on the Clyde Street Sewer Project. The new sewerage pipes are now in place and we’re more than halfway to completing the project. We expect to complete Stage 1 works by early July 2021.

Clyde Street Community Update June (PDF 685KB)

March 2021 Update

In March, MFJ Constructions started on the Clyde Street Sewer Project. Our new sewer will be constructed in sections – starting in Clyde Street, then working along Whitehorse Road and into Wharton Street, Surrey Hills. This project is expected to take six months to complete, subject to weather and ground conditions.

View the bulletin sent to residents March 2021 (PDF 375KB)

February 2021 Update

We are replacing a section of the sewerage network in Surrey
Hills. While the existing sewerage system continues to function,
our Clyde Street Sewer Project will provide a long-term solution
for ensuring reliability in your area.

View the bulletin sent to residents February 2021 (PDF 398KB)

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