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Water Supply Monitoring Program

We are installing water supply monitoring devices on underground water pipes to identify leaking water pipes more quickly, saving water that would otherwise be wasted.

Water is supplied to a customer’s' property through a network of underground pipes. As part of our maintenance program, we regularly check the condition of our water pipes. However, sometimes pipes can be leaking for a while before we become aware of the problem, wasting our precious water supply.

One way we're identifying leaks is through our Water Supply Monitoring Program.

Program details


About 500 new water meters are being installed across our underground water supply pipes over the coming years. Just like the water meters that read how much water you use at home, these meters track how much water is flowing through our water supply pipes.

Our water supply monitoring stations are approximately 40cm wide and long, and 50cm high. They are connected to above-ground transmitters that are sending water flow data back to Yarra Valley Water by mobile phone signal. The transmitters are solar powered and are contained within small plastic pillars that we’re permanently installing on public land such as nature strips.


Water monitoring station
Water monitoring station

The installation process


Typically, our contractor installs each monitoring device over two days of work, usually two to seven days apart. These works involve:

Day 1

  • Digging a small pit in the nature strip to uncover an existing water supply pipe
  • Confirming the pipe’s location and the size, as well as other underground services
  • Setting up temporary safety fencing around the pit.

Day 2

  • Shutting off the water supply to some nearby properties, temporarily
  • Installing the device on the pipe
  • Filling in the pit with soil and fitting the plastic box 
  • Turning on the water supply
  • Cleaning up the work area.


If a brief water supply shutoff is required for some nearby houses, impacted customers will be notified in advance of any water supply disruptions.

You might see Yarra Valley Water and our contractors visiting the site from time to time throughout the year to test the instrumentation.

 Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about the program or installations, please contact the Project Manager, Bryce Mcgowan on 9872 1530.

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