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Water Mains Renewals - Locations

As water mains age, we replace the mains to ensure you have a reliable water supply.

We are currently working in the following areas:


Suburb Location Reference Number
Camberwell Milverton Street 7194359
Camberwell Burke Road 6895751
Heathmont Miller Road 7091779
Ivanhoe Clifton Grove 7165886
Lilydale Edinburgh Road 6957448
Lilydale Mitchell Road 7107465
Mill Park Mill Park Drive 7224638
Mount Waverley Kemp Avenue 7165877
Reservoir Pratt Street 7146684
Templestowe Lower Ians Grove 7180525

Find out what you can expect when a water main renewal is occurring in your area.

See Water Mains Renewals - What to expect

For live updates on works in your area, check our map

View Faults Map