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Brushy Creek Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade Project - works completed

Works are now complete on the Brushy Creek Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade. Additional improvement work on the aeration system is planned for 2023. 

What we've done

We’ve installed a new odour treatment system known as an activated carbon air treatment system. This is a type of air filter that uses carbon (known as activated charcoal) to absorb gases in the air. The odour treatment system also has fans, ducting, an air filter, the activated carbon vessels and a vent stack.

This kind of treatment system will treat a wide range of odorous gases before they leave the treatment plant. It’s a proven treatment used at other sewage treatment facilities around Australia.

We’re confident that neighbouring residents will no longer experience unpleasant smells now that the new system is in operation. We’d like to thank the local community for their patience and understanding while we’ve completed these important works.

The new odour treatment system at Brush Creek Sewage Treatment Plant
The new odour treatment system at Brushy Creek Sewage Treatment Plant

View project fact sheet (PDF 640KB)


Upgrade of our aeration system

We’re also planning an upgrade to the existing aeration system at the treatment plant as it is nearing the end of its operational life.

The aeration system is part of the sewage treatment process. The system consists of aeration blowers, distribution pipework, diffusers and electrical controls. The upgrade will improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

The project has started, and we will first complete the design of the aeration system.  Works on site are expected to start in April 2023 and take about 24 months to complete. 

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about the project, please contact the project manager, Derheta Wagenaar, on 9872 1715 or by email, [email protected]