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Woodstock Sewerage Project

To support more than 7500 planned residential homes, part of the Woodstock Precinct Structure Plan, we’re building a new sewage pump station at 1305 Donnybrook Road and pipelines along Donnybrook Road, Woodstock.

What's involved

This project includes the construction of:

  • A sewage pump station. This includes a below-ground wet well, 5m diameter and 14m deep, and an emergency storage well, 5m diameter, 12.5m deep
  • Five pipelines along the northern side of Donnybrook Road, and contingency for a gas main. These pipelines include a sewer rising main, approximately 1,220m in length, as well as additional pipe connections to the:
    • Darebin branch sewer, approx. 450m in length
    • Woodstock branch sewer, approx. 20m in length
    • a non-drinking/recycled water main approx. 120m in length
    • a drinking water main, approx. 370m in length.

These pipelines will be constructed within an open cut trench and connected to existing pipes or connection points within the Atticus and Peppercorn Hill estates.

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What to expect

Both the pump station and pipelines will be built by MFJ Constructions – and will be constructed at the same time.

Work starts in February 2021 and is expected to take 12 months to complete.

Normal working hours will be 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 7.30am to 1pm on Saturday.

We work to the latest State Government advice and have COVIDSafe plans in place. Our staff and project partners follow safe work practices in line with public health directions.

View fact sheet for Woodstock sewerage project (PDF 420KB)

Start of work on the wet well

Photo: February 2022

Excavation_25 March 2022
Excavation_25 March 2022
Deep excavation
Excavation_ 25 March 2022
Pit and pipeline excavation
Aerial of pit and pipeline excavations_25 May 2022
Aerial of pit
Aerial of form work within wet well site_25 May 2022
form work
Form work within wet well_25 May 2022
open cut trench
Open cut trench for pipelines_25 May 2022

More information

For more information about this project, contact, Haroon Nawaz, Senior Project Manager, on

03 9872 2401 or email [email protected].


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